Saskatchewan post-punk rock, the grittier the better. One part electric, one part forest, one part frustration, one part love and longing...mix. Serve over ice.


Rymestone is a Female fronted, Post-Punk, Garage/Indie band based out of Prince Albert, SK. (Prairie Town, North of Saskatoon). Inspired by the natural world and fueled by a stream of consciousness drive that encompasses relationships, friendships, frustrations, and aspirations. Rymestone uses traditional rock and roll as a foundation, as this group pushes the post-punk flavor through the use of deep but dynamic, intelligent female vocals, that thread a lyrical word- weaving together. This Northern Saskatchewan group boasts self-production, having created the album art, engineered, produced and independently released ‘Neighbourhood’ through Reservoir Recording.  In the band's debut album, ‘Rymestone bares teeth at themes of sickness & health, yes/no & maybe love & lust, isolation & community. Rymestone has toured Western Canada, and will be covering East and West in the fall of 2020. Having already committed to a number of festivals in the summer of 2020, Only Covid-19 can stop you from seeing them. 



Prince Albert

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